welcome to

new eggsburg

population: 4 (and growing!!!)

mayor macguffin

mayor macguffin

mayor macguffin is the mayor of new eggsburg. he was mostly voted in due to his every-man appeal. he is so kindly that he prefers to be called by his first name (which is, coincidentally, also mayor). ever since his election, he has increased the amount of paperwork that legislatorial actions take by an average of 300%. all of the residents of new eggsburg find this irritating, but not so much so that they feel the need to remove him.

squirmy jeremy and windshield

squirmy jeremy lives with his life partner windshield in the dirt district. windshield, due to personal reasons, has decided not to take their partner jeremy's title of 'squirmy'. they have stated on multiple occasions that this is because of the large amount of paperwork that would come with that decision. windshield is kind of anti-establishment.


robert is the mom friend of new eggsburg! she is always hopping around and baking people their favorite snacks. she is an argentine horned frog and she moved here all the way from japan!