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Artist Statement

My work stems from my lifelong fascination and identification with the weird, strange, and uncanny. Despite my generally anxious personality, I have an avid interest in horror media. However, I am often more interested in the monsters than the protagonists. Perhaps due to my queerness or neurodivergence, I find their “other”-ness to be more compelling, and often invent my own narratives in which I explore their side of the story. I enjoy creating monsters of my own to represent and express feelings and aspects of my own personality.

In my works, monsters and other non-human beings tend to be tragic, even pitiful figures. For example, the star of my sculpture Antigone is a small four-legged creature I have dubbed “Louise Longlegs.” Louise has a glittering, translucent, membranous fabric skin and visible yarn organs, and lies limp on the floor of a rusty metal dog cage. In another piece, “Transmission Received,” a ten-page digitally illustrated comic, I focus on the tragic fate of a sentient artificial intelligence that is sent into space.

I create artworks through a diverse range of traditional and digital media. Things I have made vary from oil paintings to character illustrations to gory soft sculptures to interactive fiction websites. My work, however, is connected by the overarching themes of treating the weird and wonderful with sympathy. With my art, I aim to inspire solidarity and empathy with the misfits and weirdos of the world.